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Don’t see the robot you're looking for? Our robot inventory is continuously changing. Contact us to see if we have the robot you're looking for in stock!

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  • Welding Robot

  • AX21 control system

  • DP400 welding power supply

  • Fully reconditioned with a six-month parts warranty

  Price: $25,950.00



  • Welding Robot

  • AXC controller

  • DP400 welding power supply

  • Fully reconditioned with a six-month parts warranty

   Price: $11,950.00


Get better equipment at a lower cost

Best Choice Industrial Services supplies expertly refurbished robots from five top robotics brands: ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Nachi, and OTC. Refurbished robots are also sometimes called used, second-hand, or experienced robots. However, there's a difference between used as-is and refurbished.

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in sourcing, upgrading, and restoring robotic systems to their original functionality. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and genuine parts to ensure the highest quality refurbishments. By choosing our quality refurbished robots, you can save costs compared to purchasing new equipment while benefiting from improved performance and reliability.

Reconditioning typically involves thoroughly inspecting the robot's mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. Any faulty or worn-out parts are repaired or replaced to ensure the robot's proper functioning. The process may also include cleaning, repainting, and updating the robot's software.

Robotic Brands

Refurbished robots, also called reconditioned or re-manufactured robots, offer several advantages compared to purchasing new robots, including cost savings. They provide an affordable option for businesses or individuals looking to automate their processes or expand their robotic capabilities without investing in brand-new equipment. Additionally, reconditioned robots can often be quickly available, reducing lead times compared to ordering new robots.

TCO & Warranty

At Best Choice Industrial Services, we aspire to provide the most cost-effective robots in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Not only do we sell refurbished robots for less than other dealers, but we also provide training, service, and a reliable source for spare parts.

To ensure your confidence in the equipment you buy from us, all refurbished robots and parts are covered by our full 90-day warranty.

Robotic Specialist
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